Walk with Confidence – Tiger’s Eye with Tree of Life Charm



Walk in Confidence – Tiger’s Eye with Tree of Life Charm

This beautiful gemstone bracelet with the iridescent sheen of Tiger’s Eye gemstone beads is a reminder of the inner beauty and confidence that is radiating from you. The addition of the Tree of Life charm connects the Divine qualities of your higher self and allows you to walk with confidence in the world radiating your own beauty giving yourself permission to be your own unique authentic self.  A beautiful bracelet to radiate beauty, power, confidence, and originality, allowing the world to witness and experience the real you.

Gemstone bracelets have been handcrafted and high quality gemstones used in all designs.   All gemstones have been increased in vibration/energy through the embodiment of divine energy through Reiki Healing and crystal gridding.

Materials – Gemstones  – 8mm Tiger’s Eye gemstones – cubic zirconia gold plated Tree of Life charm

Measurements –  Stretch bracelet  6.” – 7”

Comes with box, jewellery bag and gemstone

Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.

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Walk with Confidence

Tiger’s Eye with Tree of Life Charm

Other Properties

Tiger’s Eye –  If it’s motivation, confidence, courage that you need well Tiger’s Eye is your  touchstone.  It was a stone that the Ancient Egyptians believed gave you Divine Vision, the Romans used it to give them courage in battle and other cultures used it to restore balance within.  In more recent times it is a stone that is very much known as an ally to assist in building confidence and motivation, increasing self esteem and giving you strength and determination to overcome challenges.  In line with the Ancient Egyptian’s belief the stone will enhance your mental focus and give you clarity from a Higher perspective allowing you to find and exercise solutions within everyday life.  It will assist in meditation and to gain clarity.  When you feel you need courage or power of your convictions, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone to carry with you.  It allows you to see issues from all sides and exercise a non-judgemental response, reacting with love and strength.  For those who have issues believing in themselves or standing up for themselves, Tiger’s Eye has strength and balance which will allow the user to overcome their fears or inhibitions. Tiger’s Eye, for me, ultimately, is the “ You can do it!” stone.

The Tree of Life being a sacred symbol is represented by a tree with its roots planted deeply into the nurturing soil of Mother Earth and its branches reaching up to the Father Sky receiving energy from the sun, moon and all the Divine.  A symbology of interconnectedness,  where we are all in this together, never alone in the world, the forever presence of the Divine connecting us all together.


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