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Chakra Bracelet

This Essential Gems diffuser bracelet has a combination of gemstone beads one each of  the seven colours of the rainbow  surrounded by the clear crystal gemstones. It brings about a sense of calmness and balance to the whole body incorporating gemstones which correlate to each of the seven major chakra systems in our body bringing us into a state of equilibrium within ourselves.  Gemstones have an inner wisdom and our bodies will react to the different vibrations of the gemstones as we require them.   This bracelet will assist in keeping one balanced and promote calmness and stillness within.    Wear this bracelet to remain composed, balanced and grounded throughout your day.  See Description below for additional information.

 – 8mm high quality gemstone beads  with silver plated antique spacer beads  – stretch cord

Included black box and jewellery bag.

Stretch Bracelet Size Gauge

Small –  average wrist size  5.75″  stretch range from 5.5″-6.5″
Medium – average wrist size 6.5″ stretch range from 6.5″ to 7.5″
Large – average wrist size 8″ – stretch range from 7.5″ – 8.5″

Please contact me here if require different size.

Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.



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Root Chakra – Red Jasper – Grounding/Financial/Security/Energising
Sacral Chakra – Orange Carnelian – Creativity/Uplifting/Self Esteem
Solar Plexus Chakra – Tiger’s Eye – Will Power/Self Confidence/Inner Power
Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love – Forgiveness of self and others
Throat Chakra – Turquoise – Expression – Communication – Divine Truth
Third Eye Chakra – Sodalite – Knowledge – Vision – Divine Wisdom
Crown Chakra – Amethyst – Divine Connection – Truth – All Encompassing – Awareness

Clear Quartz – Is the Master Healer of Gemstones and accelerates the properties of all other gemstones  – promotes clarity

Click here to see Caring for your Gemstone Bracelet 

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Dimensions 102 × 102 × 76 cm


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