HEAVEN TO EARTH – Red Jasper Gemstone Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm



Heaven to Earth

This fire energy gemstone bracelet has been designed with 8mm gemstone beads and a cubic zirconia Tree of Life charm.  A very energizing bracelet which will assist you in realizing your dreams and actualizing the Divine Guidance into your life.  As a very grounding and earthy stone, the characteristics of red jasper eases the way in a vibrational energy that is best suited to the person and/or situation.  The tree of life is a sacred symbol  which brings about a connectedness to all, creating a two way communication system between heaven and earth assisting the user to ask for help and then acting on this guidance within the world bringing a little bit more of Heaven down to Earth.  A wonderful bracelet to wear when undergoing new ventures and embarking on new adventures sparking inspiration, motivation and taking action.

Gemstone bracelets have been handcrafted and high quality gemstones used in all designs.   All gemstones have been increased in vibration/energy through the embodiment of divine energy through Reiki Healing and crystal gridding.

Materials – Gemstones  – 8mm Red Jasper gemstones – cubic zirconia gold plated Tree of Life charm

Measurements –  Stretch bracelet  6.” – 7.5”

Comes with box, jewellery bag and gemstone

 Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.


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Heaven to Earth

Red Jasper – Red Jasper – Jasper is found all over the world and the name derives from a Greek word meaning spotted stone.  It is made up of of a variety of Quartz and due to the addition of many different minerals, comes in a variety of different forms.  It has a very gentle vibration working at a gradual pace that is suited to the wearer.  It works well with people who might have difficult accepting reality or bringing projects or dreams to actualization.  It is good for organisation, quick thinking and endurance making it a great ally when carrying out tasks within a hurried or stressful environment.  With it comes increased strength and vitality and by its grounding force stabilizes the wearer’s energy.  It is known to assist the life force energy so for anyone feeling the need of rejuvenation or energising, red jasper is your stone.

The Tree of Life being a sacred symbol is represented by a tree with its roots planted deeply into the nurturing soil of Mother Earth and its branches reaching up to the Father Sky receiving energy from the sun, moon and all the Divine.  A symbology of interconnectedness,  where we are all in this together, never alone in the world, the forever presence of the Divine connecting us all together.



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