Gemstone Wine Charms


These gemstone wine charms have been designed with gemstone charms and a Tree of Life charm.  The basis behind the wine charms is to take the confusion away from whose glass is whose.  Each wine charm has a different coloured gemstone bead allowing your guest to know which glass is theirs.  Additionally each gemstone carries   wellbeing characteristics which will surely bring about unique conversations as you entertain.

Allow each guest to choose their own or randomly see which gemstone vibration has matched with your guests.

A perfect gift  for the hostess or simply to add charm and eloquence to your table setting.

Sets are available in silver or gold plated which can be chosen at checkout.   Each charm has been created with glass beads together with six different gemstone charms and a tree of life charm.  Glass beads may vary in each set.

As gemstones are all natural products these products have natural occlusions and various different shadings and shapes which enhance the natural beauty of these stones.  Products may vary slightly due to lighting in photographs.

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The wine charms have been designed with gemstone beads.  This can bring about a great conversation at any function.  With the use of the wine charms, each one has a different coloured gemstone allowing your guest to know which glass is theirs. Additionally each wine charm promotes a different wellbeing property. The wine charms each have a gemstone charm and a Tree of Life Charm.  The wine charms come in their own kraft box.

Red Jasper – Be courageous – Take Action

Tiger’s Eye – Be Confident – Reclaim your Power

Black Agate – Be Strength – Move forward with conviction

Opalite – Be Adventurous – Take a leap of faith

Rose Quartz – Be Love – Create a more compassionate world.

Amethyst – Be Vision – See things with clarity.

Tree of Life – Tree of Life Charm

The Tree of Life being a sacred symbol is represented by a tree with its roots planted deeply into the nurturing soil of Mother Earth and its branches reaching up to the Father Sky receiving energy from the sun, moon and all the Divine.  A symbology of interconnectedness,  where we are all in this together, never alone in the world, the forever presence of the Divine connecting us all together.

 Findings – Silver Plated/Gold Plated

Size 30mm ring which clasps around the stem of the glass.


Silver, Gold