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Sodalite with Bergamot

This essential gems diffuser bracelet has a combination of sodalite gemstone beads and lava beads which allow the aromas of bergamot essential oil to diffuse throughout the day.  This is a bracelet which can assist one when studying or having an exam.  It can heighten your experience with your connection to the Divine increasing intuition and your ability to recall and have Divine knowledge at hand.   This bracelet enables the wearer to have a sense of hope in self, allowing the vibrations of sodalite, lava and bergamot to come through into their lives to intuitively know that everything is as it should be.  It is uplifting and knowledgeable and allows the user to open up to the divine wisdom all around them, allowing them feel confident and knowledgeable in their endeavours thus promoting joy and happiness within their lives.  Wear this bracelet to bring hope and joy  into your life.    See Description below for additional information.

What is included in our kit

Bracelet – 8mm high quality gemstone beads and lava beads – stretch cord
Sample of CPTG Essential Oil (Pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil)
Information on bracelet, gemstones, essential oil and safety information
Jewellery Bag

Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.

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Sodalite with Bergamot 

Sodalite – One of my favourite stones when I find myself communicating the knowledge I have gained from the Divine.   As I write this up I have the energy of sodalite around me to help me keep focused on the task at hand and to relay the message of the stone effectively.  Sodalite is known to assist the mental faculties of self which allows it to be a great go to crystal for students, academics, business people and teachers but a few.  As it has an ability to assist people realize their intuitive abilities and  to assess and analyse the perceived information,  sodalite will assist in changing their patterns of thought to thoughts of self belief, joy, knowledge thus having the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. A great stone for meditation as it assists in deep journeying whereby analysis of the journey can bring about the change that is required for the meditator/user.  It is very helpful for healers and psychologists to assist with their clients.  Sodalite brings about a sense of hope whereby the user intuitively knows that the answers or solutions are there waiting for them.  Believe in Yourself.

Lava – A very protective stone which has formed from the magma within volcanic rock.   It’s grounding properties assists in keeping a person feeling safe, secure, calm  and being fully present within the world.  It ignites the flame within and will assist you in following your true path in life.  It can assist in motivating you within the world and to carry out your tasks overcoming any fears or obstacles that you may encounter.

Bergamot Essential Oil  – This oil comes from the rind of bergamot fruit.   It has a sweet uplifting aroma and is known as the oil of self-acceptance.  It can assist in relieving feelings of despair and help people to see life from a different perspective.  From its aromatic nature it can bring a sense of joy into one’s life.  It can assist in changing the thought systems and releasing old limiting beliefs making space for new knowledge.  As this knowledge unfolds into the third eye chakra centre, bergamot’s properties can assist in the transformation of your new knowledge and give you confidence to express yourself truly.  It is a very calming, yet uplifting oil, which will bring a sense of hope back into life.

Safety Information – Caution should always be adhered to when using essential oils especially when pregnant and for use with children.  Seek professional advice if in doubt.

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Stretch Bracelet Size Gauge

Small –  average wrist size  5.75″  stretch range from 5. 5″-6.5″
Medium – average wrist size 6.5″ stretch range from 6.5″ to 7.5″
Large – average wrist size 8″ – stretch range from 7.5″ – 8.5″

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