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Tiger’s Eye with Confidence Blend Essential Oil

This essential gems diffuser bracelet has a combination of Tiger’s Eye gemstone beads and lava beads which allow the aromas of the confidence blend essential oil to diffuse throughout the day.  It will bring harmony to the wearer by balancing emotions and giving the wearer the ability to see the truth of themselves, to see that they are unique and beautiful and have much to offer the world. It allows the wearer to open up and allow the world to see them giving them the confidence in themselves to do this, while still feeling protected.    Wear this bracelet to bring confidence, courage and clarity to your life.    See Description below for additional information.

What is included in our kit

Bracelet – 8mm high quality gemstone beads and lava beads – stretch cord
Sample of CPTG Essential Oil (Pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil)
Information on bracelet, gemstones, essential oil and safety information
Jewellery Bag

Stretch Bracelet Size Guage

Small –  average wrist size  5.75″  stretch range from 5.5″-6.5″
Medium – average wrist size 6.5″ stretch range from 6.5″ to 7.5″
Large – average wrist size 8″ – stretch range from 7.75″ – 8.5″

Please contact me here if require different size.

 Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.


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Tiger’s Eye with Confidence Blend  

Tiger’s Eye – If it’s motivation, confidence, courage that you need well Tiger’s Eye is your  touchstone.  It was a stone that the Ancient Egyptians believed gave you Divine Vision, the Romans used it to give them courage in battle and other cultures used it to restore balance within.  In more recent times it is a stone that is very much known as an ally to assist in building confidence and motivation, increasing self esteem and giving you strength and determination to overcome challenges.  In line with the Ancient Egyptian’s belief the stone will enhance your mental focus and give you clarity from a Higher perspective allowing you to find and exercise solutions within everyday life.  It will assist in meditation and to gain clarity.  When you feel you need courage or power of your convictions, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone to carry with you.  It allows you to see issues from all sides and exercise a non-judgemental response, reacting with love and strength.  For those who have issues believing in themselves or standing up for themselves, Tiger’s Eye has strength and balance which will allow the user to overcome their fears or inhibitions. Tiger’s Eye, for me, ultimately, is the “ You can do it!” stone.

Lava – A very protective stone which has formed from the magma within volcanic rock.   It’s grounding properties assists in keeping a person feeling safe, secure, calm  and being fully present within the world.  It ignites the flame within and will assist you in following your true path in life.  It can assist in motivating you within the world and to carry out your tasks overcoming any fears or obstacles that you may encounter.

Confidence Blend is a combination of Bergamot and Lemon Essential Oil.

Bergamot Essential Oil
 – This oil comes from the rind of bergamot fruit.   It has a sweet uplifting aroma and is known as the oil of self-acceptance.  It can assist in relieving feelings of despair and help people to see life from a different perspective.  From its aromatic nature it can bring a sense of joy into one’s life.  It can assist in changing the thought systems and releasing old limiting beliefs making space for new knowledge.  As this knowledge comes forth through the third eye chakra centre, bergamot’s properties can assist in the transformation of your new knowledge and give you confidence to express yourself truly.  It is a very calming, yet uplifting oil, which will bring a sense of hope back into life.

Lemon Essential Oil is the Oil of Focus. It’s zesty aroma gives an effect of uplift and confidence.  It can work well with people who may feel as if they are not enough or may be prone to creating a negative mindset about themselves.  It is hard to feel down in the dumps with the fresh citrusy aroma of Lemon around you.   It’s freshness instils a clarity that will assist in keeping focus on tasks and creating a more positive and energetic outlook to the user.

Safety Information – Caution should always be adhered to when using essential oils especially when pregnant and for use with children.  Seek professional advice if in doubt.

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