Crystal Inspirational Journal Gift Set – Your Heart knows the Way


A crystal journal set with the vibrations of divine love flowing through it.  This set inspired by my love for Rumi, has a beautiful Rumi quote on the journal cover.  A gentle reminder for us to follow our hearts where we can be guided in the right direction.   Often life takes over and our minds can become increasingly busy which may guide us in different directions.  Taking to journaling or any other form of expression can assist us in knowing our true thoughts and re-directing our actions to allow us to follow our hearts. With the assistance of sodalite and rose quartz, their wellbeing properties will assist the user to listen to the inner voice, get connected with self and stay true to themselves on their journey in life.  The pebble art design is a reminder that love is the way, connect with your own divine heart and enjoy your journey where you will become the best possible version of yourself that you could imagine.

 The wellbeing journal set is ideal to set up your sacred space where you can feel inspired, protected and motivated.  A place where you can feel freedom to express your thoughts, your wishes and desires, your fears or your worries.   An ideal companion set for the inspired student  or creating your own space on your office desk to assist you throughout your day.

See below for details on the wellbeing properties of this set.

 Items included in this set may vary slightly from the picture as each piece is handcrafted.  Additionally,  due to the natural composition of gemstones, all vary in size and shape therefore crystals included in this set may differ from the photo.

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Included in this Crystal wellbeing journal set are

 Pebble Art Inspirational Journal – Lined hard cover journal – 160 pages – original print with Rumi quote

A Rose Quartz Bookmark – boxed

An inspirational magnet for fridge/magnetic wipe board

A jewelled pen with Rose Quartz charm – velvet case and refill.

Sodalite Rough stone – Crystal  – paper weight/ornament

Gift box Information leaflet – crystal wellbeing information

Boxed ready to gift in kraft box with raffia and red ribbon.

Wellbeing properties of crystals in this gift set.

Rose Quartz

The gemstone of the Heart.  This is the gemstone that many people will recognise and be drawn to.  It is the master healer of any heart based issues.  Issues such as grief, trauma,  relationship issues, break-ups, situations or events that are causing you hurt, Rose Quartz is the gemstone you need.  It has a beautiful soothing, nurturing vibration which will envelop you with a sense of comfort while alleviating feelings of mistrust and isolation and any other lower based feelings or thoughts.   It promotes a peaceful, serene way of being and will work on any heart based issue in a very kind and gentle manner, nudging you gently to take the best course of action for yourself to help you through your issue and allow you to move forward.   It teaches you to first and foremost to have love for self which is the anchor point to attract unconditional love into all of your life. .  It promotes forgiveness allowing you to free yourself of your own or other people’s actions that you may still carry with you, that were not of a loving nature, which then stops you from opening your heart fully and thus not experiencing life as you truly should As like attracts like, when you are radiating this loving energy of self it will attract situations and people that will align with your own state of love.  Finding your way will be more like feeling your way.  Your heart becomes your compass and will guide and direct you through life.  Rose Quartz will allow you to dispel   judgement of self and others and to replace it with love and forgiveness leaving you in a state of Divine Love and Peace

Sodalite (Paper Weight/Ornament)

One of my favourite stones when I find myself communicating the knowledge I have gained from the Divine.   As I write this up I have the energy of sodalite around me to help me keep focused on the task at hand and to relay the message of the stone effectively.  Sodalite is known to assist the mental faculties of self which allows it to be a great go to crystal for students, academics, business people and teachers but a few.  As it has an ability to assist people realize their intuitive abilities and  to assess and analyse the perceived information,  sodalite will assist in changing their patterns of thought to thoughts of self belief, joy, knowledge thus having the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. A great stone for meditation as it assists in deep journeying whereby analysis of the journey can bring about the change that is required for the meditator/user.  It is very helpful for healers and psychologists to assist with their clients.  Sodalite brings about a sense of hope whereby the user intuitively knows that the answers or solutions are there waiting for them.  It is also connected with the heart, allowing the user to feel the calming nature of the stone within the heart centre.  As the mind and the heart are instrinically linked to one another on an emotional level, sodalite’s characteristics of increasing joy and self belief  assists in increasing joy within one’s life.   – Run in that direction.