Crystal Inspirational Journal Gift Set – The Moon is Magic for the Soul


This gemstone journal set is a reminder to the user to have faith in oneself, never to underestimate your own ability and remember your unique divine belief system, allowing it to resurface within,  where the impossible once was, now lies numerous possibilities.  The vibrations of this set increase the belief in oneself and accesses the areas where limitedness gets in the way and assists in releasing old belief patterns and thoughts  bringing hope and faith back into your world. You are one with the universe and therefore your thoughts and desires are limitless supported always as you co-create with the universe.  See the synchronicities in life unfolding like magic in your life, aligning with you as you make your way into the world.  Have faith in your own divine magical abilities.

The wellbeing journal set is ideal to set up your sacred space where you can feel inspired, protected and motivated.  A place where you can feel freedom to express your thoughts, your wishes and desires, your fears or your worries.   An ideal companion set for the inspired student  or creating your own space on your office desk to assist you throughout your day.

See below for details on the wellbeing properties of this set.

 Items included in this set may vary slightly from the picture as each piece is handcrafted.  Additionally,  due to the natural composition of gemstones, all vary in size and shape therefore crystals included in this set may differ from the photo.

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Included in this Crystal wellbeing journal set are

 Pebble Art Inspirational Journal – Lined hard cover journal – original art print with pebble art design with inspirational saying – The Moon is Magic for the Soul.

 A Black Agate Bookmark – boxed

 An inspirational magnet for fridge/magnetic wipe board

 A jewelled pen with Black Agate charm – velvet case and refill

Amethyst Druze Crystal  – paper weight/ornament

Gift box Information leaflet – crystal wellbeing information

All boxed in kraft box with raffia and red ribbon

Amethyst Druze – Paper Weight/Decoration

Wellbeing Properties

This gemstone is a beautiful purple stone that instils calmness working on the higher chakras, allowing the mind to regain a peaceful and serene sense of being.  Often we allow our minds to over think and worry and this stone is a wonderful ally to assist in getting us to slow down our thinking process when in overdrive, bringing a sense of calm to the situations that are bothering us. It is a highly protective stone alleviating fears and illusions. It will greatly assist in meditation, calming the mind to allow connection with body and mind to spirit, opening up your psychic abilities to come to know the Divine Guidance that is assisting our Higher Consciousness to interpret the messages to guide and assist us on our journey on earth.   It vibrates a sense of balance and capability to overcome stressful situations giving you strength and courage to live your life to the fullest.  It has been known as the stone to assist with addictions often known as the Sobriety stone.  Additionally, it assists with insomnia calming the mind and assisting with regular sleep patterns.

Black Agate – Bookmark and Pen charm

A magical stone which increases psychic awareness, assisting in dream recall, allowing the user to bring this awareness into reality, to know that all things are possible and that they too have they capabilities to be that magical being within the world.  As agate has a lower frequency to other crystals it works in a balanced and more structural manner allowing the user to be disciplined and thorough while executing their plan.  It also assists the user to use the power of the universe while executing their plans and taking action without becoming overwhelmed by the workload remaining calm as you execute your dreams into reality.  A stone of magical dreams, courage and protection.   It will also assist in cleansing your aura, giving you strength and will power as you journey through life.

Tree of Life Charm

The Tree of Life being a sacred symbol is represented by a tree with its roots planted deeply into the nurturing soil of Mother Earth and its branches reaching up to the Father Sky receiving energy from the sun, moon and all the Divine.  A symbology of interconnectedness,  where we are all in this together, never alone in the world, the forever presence of the Divine connecting us all together.