Crystal Inspirational Journal Gift Set – Just Be


This crystal journal set has characteristics of creating a balance within your life.  A gift set incorporating the wellbeing qualities of  opalite and apatite.  A handcrafted pebble art inspirational journal to remind the user to breathe, be in the moment and not to sweat the small stuff bringing a sense of calmness to life.

The wellbeing journal set is ideal to set up your sacred space where you can feel inspired, protected and motivated.  A place where you can feel freedom to express your thoughts, your wishes and desires, your fears or your worries.   An ideal companion set for the inspired student  or creating your own space on your office desk/home to assist you throughout your day.

See below for details on the wellbeing properties of this set.

Items included in this set may vary slightly from the picture as each piece is handcrafted.  Additionally,  due to the natural composition of gemstones, all vary in size and shape therefore crystals included in this set may differ from the photo.

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Included in this Crystal wellbeing journal set are

  •  Pebble Art Inspirational Journal – Lined hard cover journal – 160 pages – original acrylic print designed with pebbles collected off the Hook Peninsula.
  •  An Opalite Bookmark – boxed
  •  An inspirational magnet for fridge/magnetic wipe board
  •  A jewelled pen with Opalite charm – velvet case and refill
  •  Apatite Rough Crystal  – paper weight/ornament
  •  Information leaflet – crystal wellbeing information
  • Gift boxed in recyclable kraft box with ribbon

Crystal Properties included in gift set

Opalite – Book Mark and Pen

When I think of Opalite, I think of Inner Child, that child like essence of purity, openness, joy and happiness.  This stone assists in bringing out the divine essence of our inner child like state and to assist us in seeing the joy in the simple things of life, to increase our joy, self esteem and self worth.  It is a stone that will increase your optimism and bring you to a state of peace and calm within.  Its soft nurturing vibration is just like a maternal hug knowing that all will be well and the sense that you receive when you are told you are worth it, you are enough, you can do it.  It increases our own self worth and self esteem and addresses our fears in a warm encompassing energy.  A wonderful stone to allow you to just relax into the calmness and enjoy the nurturing that you will receive.  A time to see your own worth and look after yourself as you would a child.

Tree of Life Charm

The Tree of Life being a sacred symbol is represented by a tree with its roots planted deeply into the nurturing soil of Mother Earth and its branches reaching up to the Father Sky receiving energy from the sun, moon and all the Divine.  A symbology of interconnectedness,  where we are all in this together, never alone in the world, the forever presence of the Divine connecting us all together. Apatite – Paper Weight/Decoration

A stone for the mind.  How often do we suffer from overthinking, over analyzing and perhaps not giving our minds enough space to allow solutions to come through.  Apatite is a wonderful stone to assist us to clear all the unwanted mental debris that we have floating around us and creating a balance within.  It can assist us to engage with higher mental communication, engaging with out psychic senses where having confidence in our communication and knowledge that comes from this allows us to not overthink or worry.  It will assist in creating a more positive outlook to situations in our lives and assist us in creative problem solving, gaining a higher perspective on situations.  The stone has a cleansing influence and is closely associated to the wind element which metaphysically is associated with the mind.  The blue apatite reminds me of an ocean, the gentle calm vibrations of the stone mirror a calm ocean and gentle breeze,  with its cleansing properties.  It increases visualization which allows the user to visualize themselves in their mind to sitting by the ocean, forest bathing, etc.  and feel these cleansing properties encompassing their bodies.  (I am always brought to an ocean while using apatite in this manner but in my training with crystals, the crystals will resonate with all of us differently, creating different and wonderful experiences  as needed).  It teaches us that we do not need to live close to natural healing spots to reap the benefits of them!   Sit Back, Relax and Breathe.