Blue Gold Stone Crystal Cage Pendent


Blue Gold Stone Gemstone caged Pendant

A beautiful blue goldstone gemstone set in a wire wrapped silver plated cage finished with a black wax cord with lobster clasp and extention chain.  This allows the wearer to benefit from the blue goldstone wellbeing properties of Spiritual  Awareness and enhance their magical abilities as they make their way in the world.

Cage is approximately 25mm holds medium sized tumbled stones.  Can also use other tumbled stones within the flexible cage.

Length of cord is 17″ with extention of 2.5″ –

Comes with a small jewellery bag.

See wellbeing properties below

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Blue Gold Stone Crystal Cage Pendent


Blue Gold Stone is known as a gemstone despite it being referenced to man made glass.  Due to the use of natural materials it has gained a position in with gemstone wellbeing properties and this stone does not disappoint.  With its luxurious blue and gold shimmering effect colour it is a very asthethically pleasing stone and often used within jewellery.  But that is not all that blue goldstone will bring to the wearer or user of the stone.  Blue Goldstone is a stone of intellect allowing you to tap deeper into your own inner wisdom.  It helps you to make correct decisions in life and will bring about a sense of calm and balance to people experiencing inner turmoil.  A stone that reminds me of luxury, wealth and magic being reborn into your life.  It will also assist you in manifesting wealth and abundance into many areas of your life.  It will increase your energy and motivation to assist you on your path giving you the gift of staying on focus and  perseverance to carry out the tasks required at hand whilst protecting you along the way.   It’s a stone that will allow others (and yourself) see the magic, wisdom and beauty within you.  Everything is possible.  Allow your wishes come true.

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