And the World Heals with You (Malachite Gemstone Bracelet – Giftbox)


And the World Heals with You (Gift Box Set)

This beautiful Malachite gemstone bracelet has been designed in line with the wonderful healing properties of Malachite and Black Agate.   As I worked with the Malachite stone I could feel the energy of it very deeply and the guidance that I received was a message  to ‘Heal the World’ but  in order to co-create with the world it has to start with self and this bracelet is one that will assist the wearer to release old unwanted negative patterns and make way for the Divine way to live a truly wonderful life co-creating, living your life authentically whilst inspiring and assisting others by example.   See below for further information.

The world is depicted by the Black Agate focal bead, black agate being a wonderful grounding stone assisting you to bring forth the True Self into the world with confidence.  The world awaits you…

A beautiful healing bracelet.  A wonderful inspiring gift for people.

Materials – Gemstones  – 8mm Malachite gemstones – 10mm Black Agate gemstone – Durable silver stainless steel beads.

Measurements –  Stretch bracelet  S/M  5.5” – 6.5”  (Can also be ordered in different size) Send message here

Comes with malachite gemstone,  gemstone information,  box and jewellery bag ready to gift.

Gemstone bracelets have been handcrafted and high quality gemstones used in all designs.   All gemstones have been increased in vibration/energy through the embodiment of divine energy through Reiki Healing and crystal gridding.

See here to find out “How to care for your Gemstone Bracelet

Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.


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And the World Heals with You –

Malachite with Black Agate Gemstone Bracelet

Additional Properties

Malachite –  Enlightened Leadership – Protection – Healing Heart – Divine Will – Earth

Malachite is a powerful healing stone with a very close connection with nature.  As I tuned into this gemstone I felt the spirit of nature lift my soul.  I felt very protected as I walked through the world.  Malachite is known to eliminate and protect against any negative energies and can emit energies associated with radiation or other harmful pollutants.  As a master healer of the heart chakra, malachite gives off very concise vibrations where it releases old traumas within the heart and brings it to surface to deal with.   A stone of the heart it offers Divine Protection releasing the unwanted energies that may have built up over a lifetime.   As we connect with nature and Mother Earth Malachite teaches us that we all have Divine Will running through us and are connected as one with Mother Earth.  It helps us to understand and to see how global issues can be balanced through the Divine Will and allowing our connection with the earth to teach us that we are all interconnected and therefore all co-creators of the world.  It offers us guidance on how we can be active in our role towards living in peace, harmony, good health and abundance.  It assists us to break through barriers and limitations increasing our motivation to co-create in line with our own Divine Will.    It is said that Malachite can assist not just with emotional issues of the heart but also with the physical aspect.  Other physical attributes associated to Malachite are the nervous system, regeneration of cellular tissue, the nervous system, assisting with detox, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.  A wonderful protective, healing and enlightening stone, malachite would be a wonderful ally to have for healers and people working with the environment and global issues.  However in order for global issues to be resolved malachite says start with yourself, restore your vitality and balance and then move forward with confidence.


Black Agate –  Grounding – Calming – Protective – Earth
Black Agate is a grounding and protective stone    It allows the user to gain self acceptance.  It also assists in concentration and focus while remaining centred.  Agate works on a more denser frequency than other crystals and brings the energy to the person in line with how they can deal with the issues that they need to release.   As a grounding stone it also assists with making the user or wearer feel more stable in life or in what they are undertaking which can also be attributed to the calming qualities of Black Agate.  It will assist with the release of negative energy patterns from your body and also help you cope with physical ailments.