Amethyst Earrings




These high energy amethyst earrings emit vibrations of peace  bringing you into a sense of  calmness and serenity.


Materials – 6mm Amethyst beads – silver plated fish hook earring findings and beads

Comes in jewellery bag

Our gemstone jewellery has been handcrafted using high quality gemstones in all designs.   All gemstones have been increased in vibration/energy through the embodiment of divine energy through Reiki Healing and crystal gridding.

Products may vary slightly from the picture due to natural inclusions and colours within gemstones and due to lighting in photo.


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Amethyst – This gemstone is a beautiful purple stone that instils calmness working on the higher chakras, allowing the mind to regain a peaceful and serene sense of being.  Often we allow are minds to over think and worry and this stone is a wonderful ally to assist in getting us to slow down our thinking process when in overdrive, bringing a sense of calm to the situations that are bothering us. It is a highly protective stone alleviating fears and illusions. It will greatly assist in meditation, calming the mind to allow connection with body and mind to spirit, opening up your psychic abilities to come to know the  Diving Guidance that is assisting our Higher Consciousness to interpret the messages to guide and assist us on our journey on earth.   It vibrates a sense of balance and capability to overcome stressful situations giving you strength and courage to live your life to the fullest.  It has been known as the stone to assist with addictions often known as the Sobriety stone.  Additionally it assists with insomnia calming the mind and assisting with regular sleep patterns.

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