Gemstone Jewellery is known for its healing and wellbeing benefits. Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries in jewellery , The gemstones all have unique wellbeing properties and a divine wisdom that the gemstone piece actually picks it’s owner!! When choosing a crystal or a piece of gemstone jewellery, allow the stone to draw you in, and the gemstone piece that you are drawn to is the gemstone you need. If choosing for a gift for somebody, just think of the person and see which gemstone piece you are drawn to with them in mind. This method always works! All gemstone beads used are natural and high quality beads however a couple of beads may be enhanced in colour but do not take from the vibrations or quality of the beads.
Gemstone bracelets have been handcrafted and high quality gemstones used in all designs.
All gemstones have been increased in vibration/energy through the embodiment of divine energy through Reiki Healing and crystal gridding.
More products will be added to the collection over the following weeks.

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