One of my top jewellery ranges has been Essential Gems, where I have brought together the healing properties of Essential Oils and matched them with the properties of gemstones in diffuser bracelets. Diffuser bracelets allow you to enjoy aromatherapy and also benefit from both oils and gemstones. The lava bead (black) bead is a porous bead which absorbs the drop of essential oil that you place on one or two beads. Once the oil soaks in the lava bead diffuses it naturally diffuses through movement and within the air. It is also possible to inhale the aroma by bringing the bracelet up to your nose and inhaling directly from the lava bead. The aromas work on the olfactory system and stimulating areas of the limbic function of the brain which affects our emotions. Having an aroma diffuser bracelet allows you the continuous support of the essential oil and gemstone properties throughout the day. The range includes, Love, Calm, Knowledge, Tranquility, Uplifting, Grounding, Self Confidence and Relief and more information can be found under product details.
The Essential Oil Bracelet kits include
Sample of pre-diluted cptg essential oil 1-2ml (approx 30 drops)
Information Leaflet
Jewellery Bag and Kraft Box – ready to gift.

It is important to be aware of safety regulation when using essential oils. All essential oils have been prediluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Safety Information link is provided under individual product description. .
All the gemstones used in Touchstone Healer’s products are carefully selected and as a natural product shadings and markings may vary from picture of products. There may also be some slight difference in shading due to lighting aspects in photographs.

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