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Caring for your Gemstone Bracelet

In order to get the most out of your stretch gemstone bracelet, care should be given when putting the bracelet on and off.  Do not stretch the bracelet over your hand but gently roll it over your hand onto your wrist.  This will prevent the bracelet from overstretching.  Over time and with wear and  tear the cord may become loose, this will be time to restring your beads.  This can be done by following a tutorial (there are many tutorials on you-tube) or bring them to somebody to re-string them for you.   I wear my bracelets every day and will get at least two years before I need to re-string the bracelets.

Do not go swimming or shower with bracelets on.   Minerals and chlorine may be harsh on both the gemstones and the cord.  If you do accidently wear your gemstone jewellery while immersed in water ensure that you dry your bracelet thoroughly.   Always remove your bracelet if doing heavy physical work as you may overstretch and break your bracelet.   

Cleaning the gemstones

I will clean my gemstone bracelets with a damp cloth to remove any build up of residue on the stones.  Dry the gemstones with a soft cloth. 


If you feel as if your gemstone bracelet has lost its magic it most probably has absorbed negative energy which has been released from you or the environment around it.  This is the time to cleanse and recharge your bracelet.  There are a few different ways to recharge your bracelet.

  1. The Moon – Leaving your bracelet under the moonlight, preferably a full moon where the gemstones fully recharge.  This can be done by leaving them on a window sill overnight or if you prefer to leave them outside in the moonlight ensure that they are in a container that night creatures cannot gain access to them.  It is best to use a glass container for this cleansing.
  2. Smudging – White sage smoke is a means of clearing negative energy and can be used to cleanse your gemstone bracelet.
  3. You can place them on a clear quartz crystal or a selenite stone to remove unwanted energies. 

Personally I love the cleansing of gemstones with the full moon.  I clean the gemstones on the bracelet with a damp cloth beforehand and then place them either on the windowsill or outside. 

With gemstone bracelets you can set your intentions to strengthen the vibrations within the gemstone.  Your own intentions can be extremely powerful for you, the wearer.   In order to set the intentions you can read through the intentions that the bracelet was originally designed for and repeat them or you can fine tune the affirmations and intentions that resonate best with your requirements at the time.

Enjoy your bracelet

Love and Light
Ann, Touchstone Healer x