Bracelet Measurements

How to get the right sized bracelet

With a measuring tape, measure around your wrist and see which range your measurements fall into within the table below.

Stretch gemstone bracelet sizes are made in accordance with the size of a wrist allowing from .5inch to 1 inch extra depending on the sizes of beads used in the bracelet.   Below is a table of the measurements based on common sizes for  Small, Medium and Large Wrist sizes.  Stretch Bracelet may loosen over time so when choosing size to suit wrist please allow for this.  It is important to roll your stretch bracelet over your hand onto your wrist which will maintain the elasticity of the bracelet and the life of the bracelet.

Bracelet Size Common Wrist Size Stretch Bracelet Size Range
Small (S) 5.75 – 6 “ 5.5 – 6.5”
Medium (M) 6.5” – 7” 6.5”-7.5”
Large (L) 7.5″-8.25” 7.5”-8.5”