angel tarot card reading

Angel-Tarot Card Reading

Angel Tarot Cards were created to take away certain fears surrounding original tarot cards. Angel Tarot Card Readings are designed to enlighten, uplift and give the client guidance and confidence in moving forward in life, whether that is with their life purpose, career, health, relationships or spiritual transformation. The messages from the Angels are always positive and gentle while allowing the client autonomy on their own journey in life.

The readings can be based on General, Health, Career, Relationships or What the Angels want you to know (probably my favourite one). Additionally there may be a certain topic or situation that is bothering you and again you can ask the Angels for guidance with this matter. A reading will normally last between three quarters of an hour to an hour.

Due to the current climate all angel tarot card readings offered are done via a zoom link. In order for both the reader and client to be able to get the best out of a reading it is advisable for the client to ensure a place where they can have privacy and a good wi-fi connection. A link will be emailed to the client after purchasing their appointment. Dates of appointments are listed in the dropdown box when you click on the Angel Tarot Card Reading. Click here