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Touchstone Healer (formerly Ancient East Craft) offers handcrafted gifts and healing services. The name Touchstone came about from Ann’s love of working with all types of stones and a passion for creating unique designs which has developed into a more personal symbol or emblem that represents dreams hopes and beliefs to help people to stay true to themselves and their vision. The designs incorporate many different healing modalities that Ann herself has used and experienced through her own Spiritual Healing journey.

Touchstone Healer is based in the South East of Ireland, on the breath taking Hook Peninsula spoilt by choice of all the beautiful bays and beaches with lots of raw materials magically washing up onto the shores, each having being tumbled and washed by the waves of the ocean, symbolising strength and endurance, coming with a unique story to tell, much like ourselves. Pebble Art, Mixed Media, Pebble/Fibre Art, Gemstone Jewellery including Essential Gems range and Spirit of Gems, Archangel Bracelet range are the main hand crafted products of Touchstone Healer. Each design incorporates an inspirational element or healing aspect imbued with Reiki Healing Energy to assist you, the receiver, choose a “Touchstone” of their own.

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My Journey

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My name is Ann Considine and  I live in the South East of Ireland with a strong family lineage in the West of Ireland. My love for crafts began under the watchful creative eye of my Grandmother and Mother. It started with two knitting needles and a ball of wool, reciting “Isteach, Timpeall, Amach, As” (In, Around, Out, Off) as each stitch was carefully made.

The love of the arts grew and my journey continued with music becoming an accomplished musician and singer. As life progressed I found myself consciously on a Spiritual Journey through the healing energy of Reiki where I became a Reiki Master. I used many different healing modalities over these years, crystals, Angels, essential oils and use of affirmations, to mention just a few. My love for creating and healing grew on this journey and my passion was to create products which would bring a sense of wellbeing to others.   

I furthered my studies and became certified in Angel/Tarot Card Reading and Crystal Healing. I incorporated my own experiences and worked with all these healing modalities and continue to include them into the designs of my products to create unique divine gifts.

Essential Gems Bracelets

The Essential Gems bracelets range are a combination of lava and gemstone beads.  The bracelets are made with stretch cord and high quality beads.  Gemstone beads have divine vibrations running through them, each displaying and emitting unique properties. The lava beads are a bead of strength and as they are a porous bead are ideal to act as a diffuser to allow the wearer add the oil/perfume of their choice.

Within the essential gems bracelet range I have included a sample of different Essential Oils to enhance the properties of each bracelet bringing  a deeper sense of wellbeing to the wearer while on the go. The range includes bracelets which emit the vibrations  of Love, Calmness, Knowledge, Tranquility, Uplifting, Grounding, Self Confidence and Relief.  More information can be found under the individual bracelets’ product details here.

Balance - Mens Essential

Spirit of Gems - Archangel Bracelets


The Archangel range came about from my own work with the Angels which I have incorporated into my daily life. I was guided to design these bracelets and asked for guidance from the Angels to assist in the choice of gemstones which they would like to incorporate into their specific bracelet. See here for more information on the individual bracelets.

The Archangel bracelets allow the wearer to always have an angel by their side as well as having a reminder of the ways that these Archangels can assist us in every day life. The properties of the gemstones work well with the roles that the angels have within our lives here on earth and they enhance the overall effect of the bracelet which transmutes to the wearer.

The Divine Process

Pebble Art/Mixed Media

I have a passion for tapping into the energies of all the raw materials that I use for my products so when I am creating Pebble/Mixed Media Art I try to bring out the true nature and meaning of the end product for the buyer. Each stone is carefully picked, from the shores of the southeast of Ireland, to create the pebble pictures to depict that unique gift.  I wish to bring a touch of peace, joy, love, divinity or harmony to the products to create that very special piece. An inspirational saying or phrase is added to most of the pebble/mixed media pieces to enhance the  overall feeling of what the piece is about. Customised pieces can be ordered by contacting

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Gemstones And Jewellery

As a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer I incorporate this divine energy into all my jewellery designs.  The gemstones go through a series of processes before any piece is finally ready for the consumer.

Crystals can pick up lower vibrational energies through handling and transit so once I receive the raw materials I get to work on clearing any energies that need to be cleared. I create a crystal grid and by using symbols and Reiki Energy I place the stones within the grid to release energies and to amplify the stones own vibrations. The stones stay within the grid for a few days and then I set about working with them. When the bracelets are made, each set of bracelets go through a similar process but on this occasion the other modalities that are being used for the wellbeing bracelets are called in to the crystal energy grid creating a high vibrational energy to enhance the bracelets.   I further enhance the vibration by sending Reiki Healing Energy into the grid.

Any gemstones that are used to create the grid or used in other gemstone products have been cleared and washed under water and  placed in the moonlight to clear and enhance their vibrations and then amplified by Reiki Energy Healing. 

Further information on how to maintain and use your jewellery or crystals can be found here.

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Crafts are made from locally sourced material and high quality sourced materials which are imbued with healing properties.

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I am a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader and bookings can be made by contacting

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