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What our Customers Say

"I was searching for a unique gift for my Uncle and contacted Touchstone Healer. I am delighted with the customised piece that she did which totally captured the memory that I wanted to portray. I will definitely be doing more business with her "
review 1
Byrne, S
"I feel more alive and energised since I received my Essential Gems bracelet. There is something very magical about it. I almost instantly felt a change about me. I absolutely love it, Thank you"
Orange Carnelian with Orange EO
Croffy, K
"I have been purchasing from Ann for the last number of years and have been extremely happy with her service and her products. She gladly assists me with choosing the right gift and has an intuitive ability to always choose exactly what the receiver requires in their life. I leave with confidence and comfort knowing that I have a gift that will give that little extra something that is needed "
archangel michael
Kehoe, F


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